What extra services do you offer? What is tape layback?

Tape layback involves bouncing your mixes to analog tape, which naturally imparts EQ and compression characteristics that can greatly compliment some recordings. Bouncing to tape is a great way to get things loud, and a perfect antidote to that "digital" brittleness that can affect tracks recorded and mixed entirely within a computer DAW ("in the box".) We can offer layback to 1/4" and 1/2" tape at 15 or 30 IPS. The most economical and effective strategy is to use 1/4" @ 15 ips, which also imparts the most extreme tape characteristics (which is usually what we are looking for), and sounds incredible on our completely rebuilt ATR 102 recorder.

A session including layback may take a little longer due to machine setup, but no extra charges apply -- however you do need to buy tape. We use ATR Magnetics Master Tape, please see the Hotel2tango tape page for current pricing. You need 1 reel of tape per 28 minutes of music.