How do we work together if I am not attending my session?

You can send us your mix files using gmm.wetransfer.com or if you prefer FTP ask us to create a personalized account for you.

Generally speaking, if you are using a home DSL or cable connection, uploading is fairly slow (10 minutes per song) but downloading is much faster.

For added file security and intregrity, we recommend you FLAC, RAR, ZIP compress your files, but uncompressed WAV or AIF's are fine as well.

Please do not send mp3s, the ideal source file is a 24 bit stereo interleave or L/R WAV or AIF.

*** An important note regarding listening to your masters on a computer ***

If you are downloading songs and listening to them on a computer, please make sure your software player is not using any "intelligent" features to affect what you are hearing. iTunes is especially bad about this, make sure you are not converting your masters to AAC or MP3 files, and that all of the advanced playback options are turned off (do not use crossfade playback, sound enhancer, or sound check, see graphic below.)