What do I need to provide to you (file format, etc.) to facilitate mastering?

We prefer to receive mixes as 24 bit data files (WAV or AIF, 44.1 to 96 kHz), or on 1/4" or 1/2" tape (15-30 IPS)

If you are attending the session, our preference is that you bring the files on a USB memory key. We can work from data CDR's & DVDR's, audio cd, DAT, minidisc, cassette, vinyl records, any device with analog, S/PDIF, AES, lightpipe, USB, or firewire connectivity.

Please do not up or downsample your current file format if you are already working in the digital domain, provide your mixes at whatever sample rate you've been working with. We recommend you bounce your mixes to 24 bit files even if you've been recording or editing with 16 bit sources.

Data files are preferred over audio discs because of their more reliable error correction design. At the end of the day, work with just about any kind of source material -- if you are bringing in something non-standard, please contact us to make sure the necessary machines and cabling are available. As a rule of thumb, please perform as few transfers and format changes as possible, any kind of copy or transfer (other than a straight data copy) will degrade your materials.

If you only have an audio CD to work with and are going to extract (rip) your files yourself, please use either Max (for Mac) or Exact Audio Copy (for PC) to ensure you get a high quality copy.

Please also complete this spreadsheet and email it ahead or bring it to your session.