What can I expect from you? What are you going to do to my album exactly?

Mastering is your final opportunity to examine your project holistically and fine-tune it for your intended listener. It helps your album sound balanced from start to finish, and to translate musically and predictably into any listening environment.

Mastering can help address any shortcomings in your mixes, augment their strengths, as well as allow for edits, sequencing, crossfades, add density and definition, set your overall volume levels to play well along side other commercially produced recordings, and make full use of the sonic resolution available on your final medium, be it CD, vinyl, mp3, DVD, etc. Mastering provides the "glue" and vision that turns a collection of songs into an album; a balanced listening experience that feels right from beginning to end.

Your tracks will be processed through a combination of our analog and digital outboard tools, and then sequenced and finalized using Magix Sequoia. Your final result (CDA or DDPi) guaranteed redbook-standard and can be used as a press-ready master by any reproduction facility.

All Greymarket masters are also guaranteed to be iTunes ready -- we are an MFIT / Mastered For iTunes approved facility.